Silverlight Development

Silverlight technology is in vogue and is being utilized to create cross platform rich internet applications that can work on different browsers. At System Canada we have a pool of consultants who have a fertile experience in Silverlight applications and they can develop plush user interface, vector graphics and animations that can be integrated with the database. Our workforce is also proficient with Microsoft .Net Technologies.

Silverlight Application Development Service at System Canada:

Silverlight Application Development Service at System Canada:

  • Complete life cycle management of the projects using the Silverlight Technology
  • Web enterprise applications with database integration
  • Integration with existing .NET applications for improved functionalities
  • Component development
  • JavaScript integration with Silverlight applications
  • Web application development splendid user interface, audio, video and animations
  • Integration with Sharepoint Server based web applications

System Canada Advantage in Silverlight Consulting:

  • Extensive experience in working with complex projects based on Silverlight and .NET Technologies
  • Experience in WCF and WPF framework
  • CMMI process for project management
  • Microsoft Silverlight Partner